Monday, 28 March 2016

1.8bn People Drinking Faecal Contaminated Water - UNICEF

UNICEF which revealed this in a statement issued on Tuesday to mark this year World Water Day, also said that the push to bring safe water to millions around the world is going to be more challenging due to climate change, which threatens both water supply and water safety for millions of children living in drought or flood-prone areas.

The statement quoted the head of UNICEF’s global water, sanitation and hygiene programmes, Sanjay Wijeserkera, as saying; 
“Now that we can test water more cheaply and efficiently than we were able to do when the MDGs were set, we are coming to terms with the magnitude of the challenge facing the world when it comes to clean water.

“With the new Sustainable Development Goals calling for ‘safe’ water for everyone, we’re not starting from where the MDGs left off; it is a whole new ball game.”

UNICEF further said that one of the principal contributors to faecal contamination of water is poor sanitation, adding that globally 2.4 billion people lack proper toilets and under 1 billion of them defecate in the open.

It said that faeces can be extensive in many countries and communities where even some improved water sources become contaminated, adding however that it is responding to the challenges of climate change by focusing on disaster risk reduction for water supplies.

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