Monday, 7 March 2016

APC and PDP clash in Rivers state

Reports from Rivers state have it that the shootout between the two rival groups has resulted in the death of a youth in the state. According to Daily Post, the gun shots were heard in Buguma, the headquarters of Kalabari kingdom in the state on Monday morning and the death of a youth has already been recorded.

 An eyewitness informed that the duel was between rival sponsored groups in the area, adding that a youth popularly known as Kogbomo was shot and burnt to death by some groups.

 “I can confirm to you that people have been shooting since morning. As I am talking to you now, Buguma is still rowdy. Security operatives are trying their best but one boy has been killed already,” the source informed.

These politicians should fight themselves and leave the youths out of these mess, so many people with prospects have lost their lives for peanuts as rewards, just to please these heartless people. youths beware! The enemies are not the people you are fighting but the people you serve. 

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