Wednesday, 9 March 2016

APC pledges to put a rigid defense to Fayose's attacks

Ayo Fayose
The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti state has vowed to employ stiff resistance to defend its members against alleged planned attacks by alleged thugs working for Governor Ayo Fayose.

The party also warned that it would not be the usual easy run in attacks on APC members in Ekiti as it will defend its members with all strength following alleged plans by Fayose to start attacking APC members.

A warning was issued by the party in a petition composed by the state secretary of the party, Paul Omotoso, to the commissioner of police, Etop James and state director of DSS entitled ‘Complaint On Governor Ayodele Fayose’s Planned Mass Violence In Ekiti State’, Daily Post reports.

In the petition, the party said it has uncovered a plot by the governor to cause massive violent protest against DSS and APC members that could lead to unprecedented breach of peace in the entire state. It said: “Our complaint is not without foundation against the backdrop of the governor’s penchant for using state radio and television stations through inciting press releases to instigate public anger, thus creating grounds for his supporters to launch attacks against his opponents.

“On Monday, a member of the House of Assembly, Gboyega Aribisogan, was on the Federal radio Progress FM inciting people and threatening to invade the offices of the State office of the Department of Security Services over the arrest of the members of the House of Assembly.

” The APC alleged that Fayose commenced his offensive against its members on Monday, March 7, when the governor’s agents destroyed the gate at the party secretariat. “We are also in possession of information that the governor has started mobilising the local chapters of PDP on plans to storm the office of the DSS in a violent protest over the arrest of PDP suspects by DSS in Abuja.”

APC raised alarm over alleged plans by the governor to use Niger-Delta militants who will work with local thugs to attack APC members in their homes. Alluding to the recent reports of wave of killings of River state APC members, the party said: “We cannot sit down and gloss over this evil plan. He did it successfully during the House of Assembly election last year and during the House of Assembly crisis last year using the same set of men he is mobilising for his next orgy of violence in Ekiti State. “And to ensure that he carries out his plot, Fayose has met with the leaders of the drivers’ unions in his drive to cause violence on a massive scale against APC members.”

The party equally revealed that its members will have no choice than to employ self-defence to ensure security and safety of its members on the ground that Fayose is renowned and versed in employing intimidation and violence to cow his opponents.

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