Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Brooks Brothers- Clothing line will should respect

1969 Brook brothers Logo
In its early history, Brooks Brothers was mostly known for introducing the ready to wear suit to American customers. In the mid-nineteenth century, Brooks Brothers specialized in outfitted United States President Abraham Lincoln and considered him a reliable customer.

Brooks Brothers has allegedly outfitted 39 of the 44 American Presidents, isn’t that amazing?

With Headquartered on New York's Madison Avenue, United States flagship stores are in Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Beverly Hills. Brook brothers have been known for quality delivery. 

In 2008, the company began an extensive renovation of its flagship store at 346 Madison Avenue and in January 2009 set up a smaller location at Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street in Manhattan

Things to know about Brook Brothers

Brook Brothers was originally founded in 1818, that’s about 198 years ago, making it one of the oldest clothing lines.

Brooks Brothers was later bought by the British firm, Marks & Spencer, later in 1988. In 2001, Marks & Spencer then sold Brooks Brothers to Retail Brand Alliance (RBA), presently known as The Brooks Brothers Group, a company privately owned by Italian billionaire Claudio del Vecchio who is currently rated by Forbes as the 37th richest man on earth with net worth- $18.6 billion.

In the year 2015, there were 210 Brooks Brother’s stores in the United States and 70 in other countries

So if you happen to put on an attire made by the brooks brothers you deserve to flaunt and walk majestically because our parents were not even born then.

Brook brothers beyond reasonable doubt is one of the oldest fashion brands existing.

Below are photos of some popular Brooks brothers collections(shoes)  you may know;

Source- Owenzoblog

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