Friday, 25 March 2016

Brussel Attacks: Basketball Player hurt in brussel attack says thoughts of his daughter saved his life

Sébastien Bellin: ‘The whole time I was just trying to tell myself I’m going to make it.’ Photograph: Ketevan Kardava/AP
A man who was pictured lying bleeding helplessly on the floor of Zavantem airport in one of the defining images of the atrocities in Brussels has said thinking of his daughters helped him survive the attack.

In interview from his hospital bed where he was admitted on Thursday, Sébastien Bellin, a Brazilian-Belgian basketball player whose leg was said to be almost split in two, said: 

“I just didn’t want my girls to grow up without a dad.” He disclosed this message while in tears.

Bellin was hit by shrapnel in his hip and leg during the attacks on Tuesday, and while he was waiting for help he lost a lot of blood that almost cost him his life.

In the interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, he described the moments in which he feared he would die. “I just saw an explosion. The first explosion was near the pharmacy. I turned my head and saw all these people running.

“I blacked out for a little bit, I remember seeing two little kids to my right with their hands in the air. The whole time I was just trying to tell myself I’m going to make it.”

Bellin, whose father said his son spent an hour on the airport floor waiting for help, said it was only when he was in the ambulance that he thought he would be “here to fight another day”. “I was thinking about my wife and my kids,” Bellin said.

He said that during the traumatic events he started thinking of how he plays tennis with his elder daughter, who is seven. 
“I was like, ‘Man, I gotta get through this because she needs her coach’.”

While Bellin recounted his escape, friends and relatives still searching for loved ones more than 48 hours after the attacks were struggling to maintain hope.

Soure- The Guardian

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