Saturday, 5 March 2016

Court in Alabama refuses to disregard Supreme court ruling on Gay marriage

The Alabama Supreme Court is refusing to kick against the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

The court issued a one-sentence order Friday dismissing a challenge by a probate judge and a conservative policy group that wanted the state to bar gay marriage despite the landmark decision by the federal government.

In one of several written opinions accompanying the order, Justice Greg Shaw called the decision a “clear refusal” to ignore the Supreme Court ruling last June.

Several other state justices kicked against the high court’s ruling while noting they can’t overturn it.

Reciting everything from past court rulings to the Bible and the 1974 song "Feelings," the chief justice called the court's ruling "immoral, unconstitutional and tyrannical." He referred to homosexuality as a "disgrace to human nature" which can't be compared to opposite-sex intimacy.

Chief Justice Roy Moore wrote that previous state orders barring gay marriage in Alabama remain. Most probate judges already are ignoring that directive, however, and hundreds of same-sex couples already have wed in Alabama.

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