Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Sometime ago I came across a certain young woman who happen to be mother of two kids. I asked her a striking question: Can you kill for your kids? and then she said yes without hesitating. She said she will kill countless times for her kids if it is a life threatening situation for them.

She went on to say that any mother will do same for her kids.

Something astonished me with her response, in the eyes of the law murdering for her kids is likely improper but on the other hand the love for kids supersedes are entire being.

So I went on with the same question to two other sincere woman I know and I likewise got the same response. The truth is any woman will do anything to protect her kids even if it means breaking the law or otherwise.

Mothers carried us in them for nine months, we sharing the same body and food for that period, nurtured us all through our childhood. Always there all through the good and hard times. Even in our adulthood they still show love and care.

There are sometimes they are so over protective that it even gets irritating, but that's  demonstration of pure love.

A mothers love is the purest of all

So let send a shout out to all the mothers on earth. It’s a beautiful thing that they brought us into this world and guided us through all the way. We should be grateful for that.
Am dedicating this article to my mum and all the mothers all over the world. 

We are thankful.

Love supersedes all


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