Thursday, 17 March 2016

Majek Fashek gets 100% ICT training Scholarship - Courtesy New Horizons Nigeria

MD/CEO New Horizons Tim Akano, Majek Fashek, Mr Uzor- his Music Manager and Class mate
Majek Fashek, the African reggae icon took another leap in his career journey when He along with some members of his musical crew decided to take advantage of a 100% ICT training scholarship offered by New Horizons Nigeria a global IT training institution.

This scholarship offer is driven towards helping the recalibration of Majek Fashek’s music careers in Nigeria. The music legend walked into the classroom in company of the MD/CEO of New Horizons; Mr Tim Akano, to kick starts this career path.

Obviously Majek Fashek has decided to go ‘digital’ with his music and deemed it pertinent to acquire ICT skills to scale up in that direction. According to him, “In a digital age, you need digital skills, even in music”. “I am in Nigeria right now to close the vacuum created by my relocation to America all these while”. “ and we are here to sound a different note in music and have identified that connecting IT and music is the way to go”.

In the same vain he encouraged Nigerian youths to integrate IT skills into all their endeavour and envisages a day when he would be able to sponsor thousands of youth for IT trainings in order to reduce the mounting unemployment challenge in Nigeria.

Majek Fashek indeed was very thankful to the MD/CEO and other members of the management team of New Horizons Nigeria for the kind gesture and promised to give focus to the training program.

Classes for Majek Fashek and his crew have started at New Horizons. According to the MD/ CEO, Mr Tim Akano, “This is New Horizons’ contribution to relaunching Majek Fashek along the music super highway. We believe Majek will be able to fully integrate the skill and deploy it towards a positive transformation not only for His music but for every Nigerian.

About New Horizons

New Horizons is the world’s most global IT Training organization. With 33 years’ experience in the IT and E-business training industry, New Horizons is the largest technical partner to Microsoft has is also undoubtedly the largest IT training company in the world according to evaluation company-

With Head Office in Anaheim, California, USA, its operations since 1982 has birthed close to 400 training centres in 80 countries and across 6 continents. In Nigeria, New Horizons commenced operations in 2005 and within this period has evolved into one of the biggest IT and E-business training organizations, not only in the country but in the region also. The company has offices in all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria. Visit for more on this.

With Head office in Ikeja , Lagos. Nigeria It currently has other branches in Surulere, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Festac, Lekki, Ibadan e.t.c

In the last 33 years New Horizons has empowered over thirty three million people globally and within the last 10 years New Horizons has trained about two hundred thousand IT Professional in Nigeria. Stories like the New Horizons ICT training scholarship award to Majek Fashek effectively demonstrates why New Horizons is by far the most highly rated IT and e-business training institution in the world.

Source- New Horizons (Nigeria)

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