Saturday, 26 March 2016

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber plans to spend Easter together

The Easter Bunny that arrives at Selena Gomez‘ place on March 27 could turn out to be none other than Justin Bieber, 22. The smitten singer can’t wait to spend more time with his 23-year-old former girlfriend, and thanks to a brief break in his tour starting Easter Sunday.

He wants all of all of his Holidays in L.A. to be with the Selena. has learned EXCLUSIVELY whether or not she’s down to hang.

“He anticipates to be back in LA soon after his show in Fresno on Saturday and be with her until he has to go back on tour on the 29th. He wants a mini stay-cation in LA with her,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. That would give Justin and Selena three whole days to spend together before he resumes his demanding tour schedule. After their amazing re-connection after his L.A. concert, that would be some serious quality time they could spend rekindling their new romance.

“She is definitely down, if he ends up coming back to LA for a few days since that is the plan, she will definitely make sure to see him,” our insider adds. Some quiet time with his former lady is exactly what Justin needs, after the pressures of his tour have been really getting to him. We’re sure some treasured one on one alone time with Selena would help get him back into a really good head space again

As we previously reported EXCLUSIVELY, the pair were inseparable when he was in L.A. for his three concert sting. “Selena and Justin spent time together at his hotel more than once in the last week. They were poolside, had lunch in the dining room and had a drink at the bar.”

“While he didn’t serenade her on the piano, they appeared flirty and very touchy-feely. They seemed very close, and you could tell there was some obvious sexual chemistry between them. They were mostly alone when together, preferring to spend time with each other than anyone else.” our insider added. Maybe with his time off before his San Diego show, they’ll be able to have a repeat experience?

Do you think Justin and Selena will get back together for good?

Source- Hollywoodlife

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