Wednesday, 16 March 2016

TY Bello celebrates latest turnaround in Olajumokes story

Olajumoke Orisaguna
Photographer, Music icon and philanthropist TY Bello had celebrated and jubilated over the latest amazing twist in the turnaround tale of Olajumoke Orisaguna.

Online shopping website on Monday, PayPorte signed the former bread now model as the official face of its 2016 campaign.
This came the same day the leading pension managing bank Stanbic IBTC released the new model in an ad, indicating that it was driving to “move her forward”.

TY Bello, who discovered Olajumoke and gave the world one of the most inspiring stories out of Nigeria, took to Instagram to celebrate the deal.

She was so amazed about the Payporte deal and said “This really made me happy today. I’ve been holding my breath and waiting for this particular deal to come through all week. It finally did … And it was perfect,” 

There have been some major concerns about the nature of deals Olajumoke was getting, but Bello made it very clear that the latest deal was great.

“It was clear from her contract that the company, beyond her payments, were mindful to truly bless her where it truly mattered… Long term,” she said.

“I’ve also learnt a great deal from all of this… That being able to bless another is the biggest gift we can receive … and we must thank those that afford us the opportunity … With all humility.

TY Bello, Jumoke’s husband Sunday and lawyer Yomi Adeseyoju amongst others were present for the signing of the deal.

This story is one of the most inspiring news I have come across this year, it truly shows how people can suddenly have a change in their lives in the speed of a second. I don’t think Olajumoke had the slightest thought of what will become of her today, but just see the outcome of a simple photograph.

I want to urge you viewers, never give up on what you do, but just make sure it is right. You will certainly prevail, it just takes hard work, dedication, time, consistency and perseverance.

Wish you all Good luck…

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