Monday, 21 March 2016

Tyga and Rob kardashians first encounter since Blac China switch

Rob Kardashian‘s girlfriend, Blac Chyna, 27, was noticeably absent from his 29th birthday bash on March 17, but her ex got the invite! Tyga, 26, hit up the party with Rob’s sister, Kylie Jenner, 18, and that means one thing: Rob and Tyga finally met up, face-to-face.

Tyga and Rob have allegedly avoided each other since Rob and Blac started their romance, but that’s all over now. The love square between Rob, Tyga, Blac and Kylie has been far too prolonged, so they had to put their difference behind them. Rob is dating Blac, who was engaged to Tyga, who is dating Kylie, who’s Rob’s sister! Keeping up? Oh, Tyga and Blac have a toddler together, King Cairo!

Kylie was very broken hearted when she found out Rob was dating her rival, but at this point, she’s okay with their relationship. Blac’s had an undeniably positive on Rob’s health since they began their relationship; who wouldn’t be happy to see their brother improve his life so much? Tyga loves Kylie to the moon and back, and if her brother is back in her life, well, then Rob’s going to be in his life too. Gotta suck it up!

It’s vice versa for Rob! Not only is his beloved little sister head over heels for Tyga, but his girlfriend shares custody of her son with him. There’s no getting around the fact that he and Tyga will be spending a lot of time together! What better place to get to know someone than a fun day in the sun celebrating a birthday? got the EXCLUSIVE scoop on why Blac wasn’t invited to Rob’s birthday party, and it was all about not wanting to cause drama:  “It was really a family affair for Rob’s birthday get-together dinner, so Blac wasn’t invited. Rob’s also cautious not to have any unnecessary drama affect his romance with Blac. In that kind of setting it wasn’t really appropriate for her to be there.”

We get not wanting to cause drama, but then why invite Tyga? It seems like Rob would fight to have his girlfriend celebrate his special day with him, and give Tyga the boot. But that note about it being a “family affair.” Tyga and Kylie have been dating for some time now; maybe Tyga is considered family at this point, and trumps Blac!

Source- Hollywoodlife

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