Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Woman in Bangladeshi sentenced to death by hanging after ripping out lovers heart

A court in Bangladesh apparently sentenced a young woman- Fatema Akhter Sonali to death by hanging for killing her boyfriend Emdadul Haq Shipon.

About two years ago the young woman discovered a secret video footage her 28-year-old lover shot while they were having sex.

Moreover, she found other recordings on his laptop showing Embadul being involved in sex acts with 5-6 more girls. Acting out of revenge Fatema mixed sleeping pills with soft drinks and persuaded her boyfriend to drink it. 

Soon after Embadul lost consciousness the 21-year-old  bound his hands and feet, slashed his throat, cut open his chest and removed his heart. 

Commenting on the incident prosecutor Quazi Shabbir Ahmed said: “It’s rare for a woman to be sentenced to death. But her case was exceptional.  

She admitted to the court she killed her lover, Emdadul Haq Shipon, for refusing to marry her and for keeping a recording video of their sexual intercourse in his laptop.

She was also curious to see how big his heart was. She said a man must have a big heart to carry out such audacious crimes.

” The judge delivered Sonali’s sentence on Monday, March 18 in a packed court in the southwestern city of Khulna. S

She can appeal the sentence in a higher court but if Sonali is executed she will be the first woman to be hanged in Bangladesh.

Source- Dailymail

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