Wednesday, 27 April 2016

APC accuses Governor Wike on being a tyrant in Rivers state

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has raised alarm and allegations over politically-motivated killings, intimidation and persecution of it’s members in Rivers state under the watch of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government.

The Rivers state chapter of the APC also alleged that Governor Nyesom Wike is running a parallel country of his own, contrary to the laws of Nigeria.

This Day reports that Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, the state’s chairman of the APC, made the position known on Tuesday, April 26, at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja.

“It is very pathetic what is happening in Rivers state now. The PDP governor in Rivers state seems to be running a country of his own. He does not obey any part of the Constitution. He gives his own rules, he has his own sets of laws and he does not bother about the Constitution.

“I can give you instances; first and foremost, this is a man that has his own army that is free to kill and then all he does is go to call AIT and he would give reasons why he should kill. This is somebody that has actually threatened anybody that wants to conduct elections in Rivers state to write his will. We lost a youth corper, some soldiers were killed, a State Security Services operative was killed.

“Two days ago, Dr. Vincent Elvin Eebee, was killed in Bori and this is where Nyesom Wike has blackmailed soldiers not to carry out their constitutional duty of taking away arms from criminals. We are aware also that the office of our senator, Senator Magnus Abe, was brought down by bombs planted by hoodlums in that area,” he said.

Speaking about the recent rerun elections in the state that where declared inconclusive, Ikanya noted some results were not announced yet.

“Wherever APC won, there was no announcement, wherever PDP maneuvered, it was announced.

“It is very very sad, even an election where the officer was asked to announce PDP at gunpoint and it was on social media. That result was still announced. The day that the INEC electoral commissioner was giving certificate to those PDP people, he told them, none of you won any election, but because INEC is not a court, we have to give them the certificate,” he said.

According to the APC chairman, Rivers is the only state that is completely lawless.

He recalled that the party’s members complained to the inspector-general of police, who said to them that he had given clear orders that the police officers should be professionals. However, he added that order was not being obeyed in the state.

Source- This Day

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