Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Buzzing sex toy causes serious bomb scare in Germany

A suspicious buzzing sound coming from a bin in the men’s toilets has caused chaos at a gambling hall in the German town of Halberstadt on Tuesday, April 5.

One of the hall employees raised the alarm and up to 90 people were evacuated from the area, including those in neighboring buildings and on the streets. Three explosive experts were brought in to examine the bin and deactivate the bomb.

However, after three hours of tense security operations it turned out that the explosive device in question was just a discarded battery-powered vibrating penis ring. Peter Hartmann, a spokesperson for Saxony-Anhalt Police, commented on the bizarre incident: 

“The concerned employee described strange noises like ticking and buzzing emanating from a bin in the men’s toilets. In these cases there are clear guidelines for police to implement with all associated measures.

So the amusement arcade was immediately evacuated and the road was closed. But instead of finding an explosive device in the toilet bin, they recovered a battery-operated sex toy, which sounded particularly loud because of the bin’s resonance.”

Source- The Independent, UK Guardian

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