Sunday, 3 April 2016

Caroline Danjuma's Husband caught cheating with mysterious woman

Musa and Caroline Danjuma
Caroline’s husband, Musa, has previously been accused of having multiple extra-marital affairs on several occasions, and fathering a child with one of his numerous concubines.

On April 2, Musa was again seen at Villa Medici restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos, with a yet-to-be identified woman, enjoying what appeared to be an intimate dinner for two. 

According to reports from the eyewitness, the billionaire and his mystery woman enjoyed themselves thoroughly, as they were given a first class treatment by the manager who presented their array of fine wine for the ‘couple’ to make their choice. The pair also enjoyed a three-course meal, and enjoyed each other’s company till the eyewitness left the restaurant.

Caroline who had allegedly been in a fight with one of her husband’s mistress previously, was nowhere near the scene. Amid strong divorce rumors between Musa and Caroline in February, the pair still stepped out for Caroline’s movie premiere, and the actress shared videos of Musa rubbing her feet, while one of her friends shared a video of Caroline twerking for her husband, in an attempt to prove that all was well in the Danjuma household. 

Caroline later took to her Instagram page to share a post with the caption “I believe forgiveness heals better”. See the photos from Musa’s dinner with the yet-to-be-identified lady:


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