Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cut of Genital of men who rape kids- says Ita- Giwa

With reports from Vanguard Mrs Ita- Giwa said: "The lady said she was happy that she got justice for her four-year-old daughter who was raped by two men but, in my mind, if I were a judge and a man is brought to court for raping a child, he will receive capital punishment. But I will say, 'don't kill him, rather let him live his life in pain, let his organ be cut off'. He should not be allowed the pleasure of using that organ anymore. If the organ is not cut off, at the end of his term in prison, he will use it on other children. Fortunatel for them, I'm no longer in the Senate but I will find a way to get it into the chamber. This is the proper way to end the evil of rape in the society" 

Yesterday, April 23, Mrs Ita-Giwa shared two photos with the reports on her private Instagram page, reiterating her stand on the issue.  

"I still stand on what I said,Anyone who is capable of this Act,should be castrated. We need to start setting examples for a safer community, it might be your daughter next,Let's fight this menace together.  We have to take a stand on this. Say no to rape and let's do what we can to stop this menace in the society.  #FIG #SERVICETOHUMANITY #SAYNOTORAPE #PROTECTOURGIRLS #LETSPROTECTOURCHILDRENFROM" she wrote

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