Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Dance Hall Queen Cynthia Morgan recovers stolen vehicle

Cynthia Morgan
The dancehall queen had said that she was going to recover her car when people were mocking her for jumping cabs and okada after her car was stolen six months she bought it. Well, the Northside artist has finally found her stolen white Range Rover SUV.

The car was recovered on the night of Tuesday, April 11, from a mechanic’s workshop in Ojodu area of Lagos 

The Jude Okoye’s artist took to her social media handles to share the good news of the recovery of her Range Rover. She tweeted

Morgan had slammed her haters saying: “Jokers! Oh this was you guys plan??? It did not work oo.” She, however she sent a message to her haters and fans who make jest of her for hopping on bikes and taxis. “I’m gonna get my RR back and buy more and bigger machines. Thank God for the gift of Life. Jah gat me, God pass them” 

Morgan’s car was reported stolen on March 12 while she was away in Abuja from her driver. The theft was later reported at Grammar School police station, Ojodu, Lagos.

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