Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Gay thrown from top of building by suspected ISIS

Prisoner is seen falling to his death when he is thrown from the top of a building
Shocking pictures have surfaced the internet of a prisoner being thrown to his death from a rooftop by masked ISIS thugs because he was allegedly gay. 

The captive is seen being held over the edge of a high-rise building in Iraq as a crowd, including young children, watch expectantly from the ground.

Masked ISIS terrorists throw the man to his death 
 He is then pushed off, falling 100ft on to the concrete below. It comes just weeks after a sickening video thought to have been made by ISIS was revealed showing the brutal way of life under their fanatical rule. 

Terrifying footage showed a thief about to get his hand chopped off and gay man thrown off a roof before being stoned to death.

The fanatics were also filmed tearing crucifixes from churches and burning Christian symbols. 

It showed a series of horrific violent attacks on those who are not tolerated under ISIS’s regime. 

In a sick montage, a man’s arm was tied to a table moments before his hand was chopped off.

A crowd which includes young children watch from the ground
In horrifying echoes of these new pictures, the video titled The Voice of Virtue in Deterring Hell shows ISIS’s version of Sharia Law in action. 

His head was turned away from the camera as he awaited his fate. 

A blindfolded man was then flogged in the street by ISIS’s religious police the Hisbah.

An ISIS militant who is thought to be from the Hisbah speaks from the ground
Their full title Rijal al-hisbah means ‘men who guard against infringements’. 

Their job is to enforce their harsh form of Islamic Law, and it is believed that the masked men in these new photos are from this group. 

A man who was thought to be gay was also seen being thrown off the roof of a building.

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