Friday, 29 April 2016

Man murder girl and her family because she dumped him

A 26-year-old man by the mane- Oluwaseyi Babatola, allegedly decided to end the life of his divorcee girlfriend, all because she dumped him.

According to reports, Babatola is currently regretting his decision to set her house on fire, as there were children in the house. His girlfriend, her mother and her uncle had also been in the house when Babatola started the fire that ended their lives on April 15, 2015 in Sabongari, Bwari, Abuja.

Babatola explained how he was dating Janet and supporting her and her children financially, and how Janet started misbehaving by constantly making fun of him. 

Here’s what he said below: 

“Janet said my mother told her that I suffer from hernia, and that she could not date me; she called me a ‘mugu’ (fool), and said she had chopped my money. So, I went to where she was charging the phone I bought for her and took it. She attacked me and bit my chest. Her cousin, Taphael, also came in and pushed me down and held me there while she beat me. After I left the house, Janet’s younger sister called me and abused me, saying they would deal with me if I come to the house again. 

On the night of April 15, around 11pm, I went to Janet’s room and saw her sleeping, as the window was opened because there was no power supply. I went to the bathroom, where she kept a gallon of fuel and poured it into the room; the room caught fire from a lighted lantern. I headed for the bush to hang myself, but my phone suddenly rang and my brother told me that our house just got burnt; I told him I did it and that I was about to commit suicide. He said I should not, and persuaded me to report to the police. 

I thought it was only Janet that was in the room, I didn’t know the children were there. I thought they had gone for a vigil with their grandmother who attended vigil every Thursday. 

I can’t get them off my mind, they haunt me every time.” 

Babatola is currently awaiting trial.

Source- Punch (Nigeria)

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