Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Man shoots baby daughter and absconds

The parents and the deceased 
Maurice Phillips was declared wanted the police after his baby daughter was shot dead at their family home in Upper Kensington, Philadelphia, USA

Later that night Mr Phillips handed himself over to the police but denied the allegations, claiming that it was the girl’s five-year-old brother who shot her in the face.

He later confessed to accidentally pulling the trigger while playing with the gun in front of seven other children and a bullet hit his daughter. 

Tahirah Phillips, aged 5, was pronounced dead five minutes after the fatal shooting on Saturday, April 16. Her father was arrested and a semi-automatic gun was recovered at the house.

Commenting on the tragic accident homicide Capt. James Clark said: “It’s a stupid, idiotic act. It was completely reckless. He went as far as to punish the 5-year-old to show how much he felt that she did this.” 

Family neighbours are still reeling from the tragedy as investigators are working hard to determine what exactly happened that night.

There have been numerous reports of incidents in which children were either behind accidental shootings or were the victims of such shootings.

He earlier post this on a social media platform, just before the incident

Source- Daily Mail, NBC News,The Washington Post

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