Friday, 8 April 2016

Nigerian accused of links with ISIS detained in Germany

A 29-year-old Nigerian who was accused of having ties with Islamic State has been detained alongside a 46-year-old Iraqi by the German police.

Officials told Reuters that the pair were nabbed and detained on Thursday, April 7, after suspicions rose that they were planning “a serious act of violence”. 

According to state prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch’s statement: “Security sources had provided information that both could have been in contact with members of Islamic State.”

In a separate statement, police said the suspects were held in the Munich, the capital city of Germany and in Fuerstenfeldbruck, adding there had been no imminent threat to the public. Although there were no suspicious items found with the pair, police said they were continuing with their investigation and refused to give further details. 

Tension grew up in the European power house following a video released by the terrorist group on Tuesday, where it named London, Berlin and Rome as possible targets of its next attack. 

Recall that the dreaded group also claimed responsibility for March’s attack in Brussels, Belgium that left 31 people dead as well as the Paris incident in November, in which 130 were killed.

Source- Reuter

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