Thursday, 14 April 2016

NIgerians respond to the publication of senators contact detail

An unconfirmed list of Nigerian senators and their contact details was leaked online.

Sahara Reporters reportedly obtained copies of the documents that contain telephone numbers of the senators so that their constituents can effectively interact and socialize with their representatives at the Senate. 

Below are the reaction of Nigerians on socio-media regarding the now very controversial document. 

Omaduvie Florence said: “Nigeria we hail thee. Its a Media age, Senators have no hiding place. Their phones will ring unend n I doubt if they will answer because they know Nigerians r tired of these arguments.”

Ayoade Akinlolu Ayo said: “Should their mobile lines be hidden at the first instance or do they think all of us do not have other reasons to place a call on their lines than to beg for food and money. I just hate that usage – senators numbers leaked.” 

Vin Jason Sung took a swipe at Senator Saraki saying: “Please call them and tell them to get into their senses and start by impeaching the most corrupt public office holder in the country, Senate president” 

Blessing Okwamanwuna noted that she called them (senators) but no answer. She said: “I tried calling back and their phone numbers entered number busy. Up till now, the numbers are still busy.”

Christian Samcy Nna said: “Me I will call o, especially I need to call the ex-governor of Abia state, Senator  T A Orji. At least, to ask him how he managed to scale through, as to become a senator.” 

Livinus Egbuloniu said: “Why would they hide their phone numbers are they not public servant’s? In the civilized world every citizens who needs the phone number of his representative in the government must have it in the sense that he is working for you. 

For many, releasing the parliamentarians’ contact details, is a highly welcomed idea, however the question remains if they would get to answer calls from the teeming Nigerians that will be calling?


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