Monday, 11 April 2016

Photo: Python rated world longest snake found dead in Malaysia

A 26ft-long python was found on a Malaysian building site, where it reportedly died. BBC reports that the snake which may be the longest ever caught, was spotted last Thursday, April 7, under a fallen tree on the Island of Penang.

Herme Herisyam, operations chief for Penang’s civil defence department’s southwest district told the BBC that the snake was found dead on Thursday and it may have been bigger than the current snake in Guiness world record; a reticulated python weighing 158kg and is about 25ftlong kept at a haunted house in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Although the Malaysian snake has not been measured, it is said to be a reticulated python as well and weighs 250kg (39st 5lb). 

Muhammad Aizat, another civil defense official, stated that the snake laid one egg, before going “quiet” and would have been transferred to the department of wildlife before it was confirmed dead.

Source- BBC News

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