Friday, 29 April 2016

Photos: National Assembly Staff allegedly stabbed to death by motorcyclist in Kubwa

A staff of the National Assembly, Suleiman Bello was reportedly stabbed to death by unknown motorcyclists popularly known as Okoda riders at Kubwa, Abuja yesterday April 28th. According to eyewitnesses, Bello who was driving a Toyota Camry got into a heated argument with a motorcyclist at Bhyanzin Junction after he rammed his car into a parked van while trying to dodge the motorcyclist who was driving on a wrong lane.

As the argument gradually grew out of hand, the motorcyclist brought out a dagger and stabbed Bello repeatedly. Another motorcyclist came to the scene and also stabbed Bello, leaving him in the pool of his blood. Bello lost his life. The okadamen immediately fled the scene.  

Photo Credit: Mustapha Al-Bissin

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