Friday, 29 April 2016

Revelations from the brawl between Tiwa savage and Husband Teebillz continue to unravel

More revelations have continued unveil following the infamous Instagram drama from music entrepreneur and artist manager Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun on Thursday, April 28, 2016.

The messy details from an obviously depressed Tee Billz sent chills down the spines of many, as they revealed private issues between him and wife Tiwa Savage on many levels. 

The couple soon became major trending topics on social media all day on Thursday, April 28 and it was an awkward look.

As the people continued in uncertainty about his well-being owing to the ‘suicidal rants’, reports from sources close to Bella Naija brought a breath of hope as they revealed that he had been taken into custody and was spending time with loved ones.

However, fresh reports from Encomium magazine sources today Friday, April 29 say the couple has had issues in the marriage for some time now. The sources said the marriage actually broke down in 2015 but things were apparently kept under wraps. 

The reports further revealed that in mid April 2016, Tee Billz angrily left the Leeki Phase 1 home the couple had lived in with their nine-month-old son Jamil. The troubles between the pair which led to the meltdown were allegedly caused by trust issues as well as misunderstanding from finances and “responsibility” issues. 

The couple only recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary on April 26, although insiders say they didn’t spend time together on the day. 

Various unconfirmed sources also say the couple has fought troubles stemming from infidelity issues and many other secrets which put them at loggerheads more often than not during the (short-lived) affair. 

In the heat of everything, there have been speculations that Tee Billz assaulted Tiwa several times after she accused him of sleeping around. It was reported by sources that Tiwa was in secret affairs with a number of influential society men including a billionaire industrialist. 

Encomium magazine states that the couple has reportedly gone their several ways on several occasions after heated arguments but they managed to control the situation until the recent outburst. 

Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz became official after a massive Dubai wedding in April 2014 and they welcomed their son, Jamil, in 2015.

The issues between them became too much for Tee Billz to bear to the point that he went on a mission to end everything, though in a rather catastrophic way, first by revealing messy details on Instagram and then attempting to commit suicide before he was rescued by close friends.

Source- Ecomium Magazine

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