Sunday, 24 April 2016

Robert Pattinson cancels wedding with fiancee FKA Twigs

According to reports, actor Robert Pattinson has ended his relationship with singer FKA Twig by calling off the wedding plans. Below is what In Touch is reporting:

Don't cue the wedding bells! In Touch has exclusively learned that Robert Pattinson has canceled his wedding to singer FKA twigs! The two were supposed to tie the knot this summer but "Rob called it off," an insider revealed to the mag. This news comes as no surprise since things seemingly haven't been picture perfect between the two.

"It's been a long time coming. They were fighting all the time," the source said. According to the source, "Rob felt trapped" and the wedding plans were a "major drag" for the Twilight star.

Furthermore, FKA twigs wasn't the girl Robert thought she was — and her true colors eventually came to light during their wedding planning. "[She] isn't the girl for him. She's very jealous and he was sick of having to explain himself," the insider added.

"He's still young and just decided he wasn't ready to settle down." Maybe the Dior spokesman has had cold feet for a while, as In Touch previously reported he was secretly talking to his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart back in December 2015.

This will be the first failed engagement for each of the two stars, who dated for six months before friend T-Pain revealed they were engaged in April 2015.

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