Thursday, 14 April 2016

Video: Wedding ends in chaos after two rival families clash

Two rival families completely shut down a wedding in southern Chinese after they began a street fight which lasted for four hours.

According to BBC, the fiery clash started on Sunday afternoon after the grooms involved in different ceremonies in Bobai county, in southern Guangxi province, came face to face in a street – with neither one prepared to give way and let the other pass.

Relatives and guests were reportedly seen fighting with knives and improvised explosives made out of fireworks.

 BBC revealed that tensions had run high after members of the Lin family’s wedding procession tried to stop the rival Qi family’s wedding procession from walking through a gate they had built for the wedding, which they believed would bring them misfortune. 

However, reports didn’t say if the couples managed to get married. 

A video posted online show dozens of people from the two processions, dressed mostly in red, setting off and throwing fireworks at their rivals.

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