Saturday, 23 April 2016

We will not continue to allow Importation of Unhealthy Foods in Nigeria – Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development

Heineken Lokpobiri
Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Heineken Lokpobiri has said that most African countries have become a dumping site for unhealthy foods.

He pointed out that most food exporters in Europe and Asia have taken advantage of the food crises in the continent to ship foods not suitable for our health.

He declared that the Buhari-led administration would not accept that again as it will massively invest in the Agricultural sector.

He said:

Africa over the years have become a dumping ground for poisonous food imported from Asia and other continents. Nigeria alone is spending $20 billion annually on food importation. The food that passes through the border between Benin Republic and Nigeria are mostly deadly food.  Benin Republic people don’t even eat them but allow those commodities to come into our country. The frozen chicken contains formalin preservation used for corpses, and the bags of rice from Asia have been in their warehouses for more than 15 years, and have lost nutritional value, which they ship down to Nigerians and other African countries to eat. Those countries where these commodities come from are intentionally frustrating our agricultural policies, programmes and farmers. It is an act to kill our economy. We cannot allow these things to continue because is killing our people.

Source: Vanguard

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