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Young man organises kidnap of stingy uncle in Enugu

An Enugu-based young man whose name was given as Collins Chime, has explained how he augmented the plan to kidnap his uncle, Chief Edwin Chime.

Collins, who was caught with two other members of his kidnap syndicate, got N500,000 from the uncle’s family as ransome before effecting the release of the 92-year-old Liverpool-based man.

Vanguard reports that the incident happened on Saturday April 2, when four armed men stormed the country home of the old man at Obinagu town in Udi area of Enugu state, abducted him, and whisked him away in an Audi 80 saloon car to an unknown destination. 

But barely 24 hours after the kidnap, the abductors had demanded a ransom of about N200million from the man’s wife, but were only able to get N500,000 which was later paid to effect the release of the elderly man after 48hours.

The inspector general of police, Solomon Arase, who was said to be uncomfortable with the news, subsequently deployed operatives of his Special Intelligence Response Team (SIRT) to the eastern state to assist the commissioner of police, Ekechukwu Nwodibo, in fishing out the culprits. 

The crack squad would later go after the users of the mobile phone which was used during the ransom negotiation and they were able to pick up three of the suspects, including Collins; a nephew of the UK-based man, who was said to have organized the rendezvous.

The suspects identified as, Chinonso Onyebuchi, Chukwudi Azemenei and Collins Chime, were reportedly picked up at separate spots by the security operatives at Nnsuka, Enugu and Udi areas of the state. 

28-year-old Onyebuchi, was said to head the group and negotiator-in-chief, while Azemene, 22, was assigned to pick the ransom from the drop point, as the victim’s nephew provided information and initiated the kidnap. 

An anonymous source told Vanguard that the suspects were arrested less than eight hours after they released their victim, and the sum of N170, 000 was recovered from them, adding that Ifeanyi, one of the suspects, is still at large. 

Explaining the reason for the kidnap, Collins said: “My uncle is based in Liverpool, United Kingdom. He came home in December for the holidays and I approached him and told him that I needed money to start a small business. He gave me N5,000 to go back to Lagos and join my cousins who are hustling there.

“I took the money but I wasn’t happy with what he told me because I wanted to go the university and I needed a small business to support myself while in school but my uncle didn’t reason with me. 

“Last month I was at Four Conner in Enugu to see one of my friends known as Coutonu, but while I met him, one of his friends, Chinonso showed up and while we discussed he told me that he was into kidnapping and he would like to recruit me if I could get him people to kidnap for ransom.

“Because of the money I was looking for I accepted his offer and told him that there was a woman in my town in Udi, known as Odele, whose children were very rich and my Uncle who just returned from the Uk. Chinonso told me not to worry that he was going to take care of the business. Four days after our first meeting, Chinonso met me in Udi and he came along with Chukwudi and one Ifeanyi. They also brought an Audi car. I don’t know how they got the car. 

“We proceeded first to Odele’s house and we didn’t find the woman in the house, from there we went to my Uncle’s house and we abducted him. He was taken to Chinonso village in Obiagu Town in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State. I didn’t go with them the first day, but I joined them later the next day. I was the one who fed my uncle but I was putting on a mask so he could not see my face. We treated him fine. 

“We also bought him his drugs. Chinonso was the one doing the negotiation and when the ransom was paid, Chukwudi picked it up at Four Conner Junction and I was given N50, 000 as my share. Chinonso, said that I was a small boy and new in the business and that was why he gave me that amount. I had spent just N5,000 from the money when the police came and arrested me.

“I feel very bad, getting myself into this. I wish my uncle would forgive me.” 

The chief negotiator, when questioned, noted that, “I am a native of Obiagwu in Agwu Local Government area of Enugu State. This is my first kidnapping operation. I ventured into it because Collins told me he had rich people who could get us good money. I met Collins Last month, through one of my friends know has Coutonu. 

“He told me that Collins was his boy and he normally assist him to convey stolen cars to the destination he wanted. Collins on his part told me that after they had snatched a vehicle, they would tie the owner of the vehicle and dump him in a bush and would release him when they are successful with the crossing of the vehicle. “Then he told that there was a rich woman in his area and one of his uncles that his based in the UK and he would want us to kidnap them and raise some money.

“I contacted Chukwudi, he is my classmate in secondary school and he gave me a number of a guy, Ifeanyi, whom he met at the Ikoyi Prisons in Lagos State. When I met Ifeanyi, he suggested we got a car for the job and we went to Umunede in Delta State and we snatched the Audi saloon car from the owner. 

“We drove down to Udi, we didn’t meet our target at the first place he took us to but we kidnapped a man at the second house we went to. The man was kept in my family house in Awgu and when the ransom was paid I got N112000 as my share and I spent all of it on drinks and women. I also lodged in a hotel before I was arrested. 

Nwodibo, while parading the suspects, said the suspected kidnappers were arrested after carefully following a tip-off by some public spirited individuals in the state.

Source- Vanguard

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