Thursday, 5 May 2016

6 reasons old men marriages to young girls don’t work

These days, people tend to marry whosoever they like, all with different motives and perception. Some young ladies go into relationship or marriage rather with a much older man because of financial security or some do sign up for true love but in very rare cases due to statistics.

So in a brief summary I am going to be letting you in, on some important facts that unravel the secrets behind marriages between old men and young girls.

This article was put down with the inspiration of a marriage counsellor that wishes not to be mentioned. After much discussion and research. We discovered that most of this young ladies end up not happy in their marriage.

Below are reasons why marriage between old men and young girls usually suck:

1. They ladies never get the chance to run the house. The more forceful they become about wanting to become the madam of the house, the more they are treated as figure heads. For example, the old man – husband of hers can just send a new freezer home without her prior knowledge. So, when they ask her where they should position it, it’s usually the steward that knows about that. And he is the one that takes charge at that point while she just stands confused.

2. She eventually finds out that behind all the glamour of wealth is a life susatined by prescription drugs to battle diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, coronary heart disease etc. So she becomes an emergency nurse, escorting him all over the world for medical tests here and there while the world is made to believe they are on a cruise!.

3. Its amazing that some of these "Money miss road" older men get to loose all their money throught tragedies, bad investments, law suits etc. Just 5 or so years after the marriage; everything else you see from then on is made believe with so much stress on the girl who, eventually, runs away with a musician or a guy she has been dating before, or even a guy on social media.

4.  Some of these girls marry politicians old enough ro be their fathers, forgetting that most politicians in Africa are only rich while they are in power. Seven years after leaving government, most of them become much worse than they were before they got into office.

5. In some cases, getting an old mans penis to function is laborious. Even when she succeeds, helping him to maintain erection for a minute is a moral miracle! So, you may never understand her situation. The situation is made worse by the fact that she knows shes being watched and will be reported to the old man if she tries to go out to get sexual satisfaction. Most girls that get married to old men still find a way to go out for sex anyway.

Sometimes, it is the same person watching them for old Man that is sleeping with them.

6. What about the mouth odour from the old man and the way he snores when she sleeps! Gosh!! These small girls who marry old men really suffer.

What about the older men themselves, are they usually really happy with this young girls Well, that's a topic for another day. Do you investigations before then and share some findings with me. Until then, I hope these small girls after old men will go back to the drawing table and reconsider. Becoming a widow at a tender age is not equally a good thing.

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