Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Anambra state Government deploys surveillance helicopters to curb Fulani herdsmen notorious activities

As activities of Fulani I herdsmen continue to get out of hand, the Anambra state government has announced the launch of a helicopter for aerial surveillance of the activities of herdsmen in the state.

This was announced by the state governor, Willie Obiano, during the Workers’ Day celebration in Awka adding that he had set up a special committee to foster peace between farmers and the cattle grazers in the state. 

The committee, the governor noted, was made up of the leaders of the Hausa-Fulani community in the state, government officials, security agents and some representatives of agrarian communities across the state.

“This committee has made the herdsmen to pay compensation to communities whose crops were destroyed by their cattle seven times in the past. And we have also paid compensation to the herdsmen when one community breached the peace against them. That is the nature of our engagement with them in Anambra State.” 

He said his administration would deal ruthlessly with the herdsmen should they become “needlessly hostile against their host communities.” 

“There is routine helicopter surveillance across the borders of the state to ensure that any suspicious gathering of people(herdsmen) or curious movements across the borders are quickly picked up and analysed by security experts.” 

Meanwhile, as  the various pressure groups  in the southern part  of the country threaten to move Fulani herdsmen from  their communities because of recent killings in Enugu and other southern states,  the National Coordinator of Miyetti  Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Mr. Garus Gololo, has said such an action may ignite national crisis.

Source- Punch (Nigeria)

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