Friday, 6 May 2016

Ex- Beauty queen establishes new project under her 'Billionaire Wife Ltd' company

Just after opening her ‘Billionaire Wife Ltd’ Company last year, the ex-beauty queen has sprung up a new project called the Dabota Life Project.

With this project she aims at producing bottled water but more than that she’ll also render a service to rural areas by constructing boreholes and more.

See what she had to say about the project below.

Water is life…Without water nothing can survive.

According to the World Health Organisation over 1 billion people globally lack access to safe drinking-water supplies, while 2.6 billion lack adequate sanitation. Diseases relating to unsafe water result in an estimated 1.7 million deaths every year.

The Dabota Life Project aims to provide safe clean water  and create a culture/ awareness of the importance of consuming clean water in Nigeria.

The lack of safe water in rural areas is a major cause of death and a significant obstacle to community development, especially for growing children. And ou‎r project, DABOTA LIFE, is geared mainly towards children in rural areas ,community school, orphanages and hospitals.‎

Apart from distributing certified clean and safe bottled water, our other projects under the DABOTA LIFE scheme are based on providing communities with the means to help themselves.  For instance, DABOTA LIFE also intends to construct boreholes in communities across Nigeria where access to clean water is lacking. ‎These various projects will be monitored from start to finish by Trustees, who liaise closely with each local community’s leaders and social workers.

Funding for all projects goes directly to the beneficiary – there is no middle man.

When a genuine need is identified, DABOTA LIFE will provide funding for the commissioning of a borehole in the area, and closely monitor the process from start to finish.

To be a part The Dabota Life project, ‎Contact : +2348091991155 Email:‎ #DabotaLifeProject #DabotaWater

One person that has been lending his support is Sijibomi Ogundele of Sujimoto, one of the most talked about young entrepreneurs in Nigeria today.

According to Dabota he has ordered and paid for 10,000 bottles of Dabota Water and he has also helped school her on how to package and sell her products.

Photo credit: Instagram

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