Monday, 16 May 2016

Hundreds of snakes push family at midnight out of house

It was a catastrophic night for Jitendra Mishra and his family after more than 150 snakes slithered in their house of in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh state in India.

The family members were asleep when the seprents invaded the residence causing a strange sound that awakened Mr Mishra. The man turned on the light and got the shock of his life — he saw two snakes curled up in the corner of the room.

Trying to shoo them out he discovered all his house is infested with up to a hundred of hissing reptiles. A retired forest official woked his family up — the terrified people were forced to spend the night at a neighbour’s house where they raised the alarm.

The family of Mishra along with the help of locals managed to caught several snakes from the house but decided to call a professional when realised the number of animals is extremely high. The serpent charmer caught the snakes and later released them back into a nearby forest.

Giving details of the incident, the owner of the house, Jitendra Mishra, said: “Initially two to three snakes came out but by the end of the day lot of snakes came out. Then we hired a person to retrieve those snakes.” 

See video below:

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