Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I did not betray Gov Oshiomhole- Samson Osagie

Former minority whip in the House of Representatives, Honourable Samson Osagie, has dismissed allegations in some quarters in Edo state that he has betrayed Governor Adams Oshiomole politically.

Osagie, 48, is the director of strategy, research and planning of the Odubu Campaign Organisation. The campaign arm of Edo state deputy governor, Dr Pius Odubu.

Oshiomole and Odubu have been having a running battle over the latter’s decision to contest for the forthcoming governorship elections in the state. 

Osagie, who spoke to via telephone, said those who are peddling the rumour are pedestrian politicians who have no issues to canvass but resort to name calling.

When asked if he doesn’t see himself as Oshiomole’s ‘boy’ in politics, Osagie said: ”I couldn’t have been the governor’s boy. I got elected into the House of Representatives before the governor became a governor. 

”I regard him as a father and a role model and I still regard him as such. 

”I did not sign any pact with him to support anyone he is sponsoring for the election, so the issue of betrayal does not arise. 

”The governor has done well in Edo state. He has raised the bar for governance. I have no problem with him in terms of his administration in Edo state. 

”But I do have a right to disagree with him politically and I think this is one of such occasions in exercising that right.”


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