Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Man gets killed after intervening in dispute between partners

A good Samaritan man was shot in a drugstore- Walgreens-parking lot in Arlington, Dallas on Monday after he intervened in a domestic dispute between a man and a woman in which the woman was wounded, police said.

According to the Police, the unidentified good Samaritan who was killed was shopping with his wife at the Walgreens store when they saw a man shoot a female employee in the leg near the store's entrance.

Lieutenant Christopher Cook said, after witnessing this, the good Samaritan went to his vehicle, retrieved his own gun and confronted the man who had shot the woman, 

He said:

"The suspect was trying to leave in the car. That’s when the good Samaritan pointed his firearm, trying to get the car to stop," Cook said.

The suspect got out of his vehicle, shot the man in the head, got back in his vehicle and fled the scene, police said. He later surrendered to police 60 miles from the scene of the shooting.

The suspect has since been identified as 22 year old Ricci Bradden and is thought to be the husband or boyfriend of the woman who was shot.

He has since been arrested and charged with homicide charge, police said.

The wounded woman was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Source: Reuters

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