Thursday, 5 May 2016

Man shoots wife for posting selfie on facebook

The Culprit- Ricci Bradden
Ricci Bradden allegedly shot his wife Quinisha Johnson in a leg and killed a Good Samaritan, Anthony Antell Junior, who came to her rescue in Arlington, Texas, USA. Ms Johnson reportedly posted a revealing picture on her Facebook page the night before the attack.

Her boyfriend didn’t like it, as he thought it was drawing too much attention and decided to sort the things out. He entered a store, where his girlfriend was working, and started shouting at her.

Quinisha Johnson
Recalling the fateful day the woman said: “And I was trying to explain it to him, that I married you. You’re all the attention that I needed. And I could feel that he was getting mad, so I tried to walk off, and that’s when I heard him pull the gun out.”

The next moment he shot her in the ankle and tried to flee the scene, when a married father-of-three confronted him and told him to drop his gun. But Mr Bradden got out of his truck, where he was hiding, slapped Antell’s gun from his hand and shot him.

The Deceased (left)- T.J Antell
Ms Johnson blames herself for what had happened and wants T.J. Antell’s family to know she is praying for them.

She said: “I just want to tell the family, I am truly sorry and I will never forget this man. I will never stop praying for his family and I just hope they could forgive me or forgive me for him being in this situation.

The Selfie that evolved the issue

Bradden has since turned himself in to the police and confessed to the shooting. He now faces a charge of murder

Source- Daily Mail

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