Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Police and citizens of Okahia Village send Fulani Herdsmen away from their area

According to Omego Okwelle Onuimo, A group of Fulani Herdsmen entered OKOHIA village in Okwelle Onuimo LGA Imo state yesterday. The scared villagers begged them to leave but to no avail.

In an update this morning, he disclosed in a statement that a police team from Okigwe Area Command and Isiala Mbano led by DPO Pascal Madueke later arrived the village and drove the herdsmen away along with their cows.

"KUDOS to our Nigeria police more especially the police team from OKIGWE AREA COMMAND together with ISIALA MBANO Police team and ONUIMO POLICE Headquarters leaded by our Amiable DPO PASCAL MADUEKE that came late night 23:25pm and Chased away the HAUSA FULANI HERDSMEN with their COWS in OKOHIA VILLAGE UMUDURUODU OKWELLE ONUIMO LGA IMO STATE NIGERIA.

Special thanks goes to our ONUIMO TC CHAIRMAN Hon. UWAKWE AGONSI who mobilized the police team. OKWELLE people and farmers can now move on with their normal duties" he wrote.

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