Monday, 9 May 2016

Woman apprehended by the police after attempts to rip off her boyfriends genitals

28-yearold Rosarie Francois has been arrested after reportedly confessing to trying to rip her boyfriend's testicles off. According to Daily Star, Ms Francois was involved in a heated 'verbal altercation' with her boyfriend while driving in the car and suddenly it grew into a serious brawl.

The two lovers continued to bicker when they returned to their home in Florida, US. Things took a bad turn and got really nasty when the unnamed boyfriend decided to take a shower.
Enraged Francois responded by 'kicking in the bathroom door and grabbing the victim by his testicles', according to reports. The fight then 'moved to the kitchen, where the offender grabbed the victim by the testicles and scratched his face

When cops arrived at the scene, Francois reportedly confessed 'I tried to rip his balls off'.

She faces a charge of misdemeanour domestic battery and is currently being held in custody.

Source: Daily Star

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