Sunday, 1 May 2016

Woman's lips grows swollen overnight following the use of a Lipstick

A Facebook user named Lily Cleopatra Maurice from Orlando, Florida shared photos of her swollen lower lip from a hospital bed claiming they were caused by a Covergirl lipstick she used. She wrote:


Please be aware of the queen collection cover girl lipstick. Purchased lip this week woke up choking with huge swollen lips. I had to be rushed to the hospital.
ER! Could've died in my sleep. Plz be careful with the harmful products in lipsticks. 

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In a second post, Ms Maurice wrote:

"I know everyone is laughing and people can be so cruel even on my way to the ER people can be so hurtful with their stears and whispering.

I am a mother of 4 and my kids could've woke up without me over a lipstick...

I am trembling thinking about how lucky i was to have choked enough to awake for who know what could've happend to be. I all my family have. No uncles no aunties just me and hubby. Thankful to be alive and spend this day with my family. 

Wow, see more photos of what lipstick can cause:

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