Tuesday, 1 November 2016

How to live a financially free life- One coin the gateway to securing your future

OneLife(onecoin) is a network marketing company, providing access to a diverse portfolio of products and services, that aim to add individual and social value to its members' lives and grant them with opportunities for both professional and personal development.
OneCoin empowers millions of people by providing borderless, low-cost financial transactions and connecting them to the financial world. OneCoin has developed a loyal, global customer base of millions of people in over 195 countries and six continents
Onecoin vision is to become the number one cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, usability and number of users. OneCoin aims to grant access to financial services to everyone by providing educational tools and simplifying and demystifying cryptocurrency. A global company, OneCoin makes it possible for its millions of users to make easier and faster payments around the globe.

The below listed facts are attributes that no other cryptocurrency company possess in the world of digital currencies.

High Investment attractiveness:
The coin price constantly grows, there is huge obvious potential for its further groeth_ by several times for 2016-2017.

Huge pool of coins:
The total number of coins that can be mined on a new blockchain is 120 billion (5,700 times more tha BitCoin coins)

Low net cost of mining:
Up till now there is only 1.5 percent (over 1.8 billion of all the coins mined; diificulty (and, therefore, the net cost) of mining of new coins is still kept relatively low.

Full centralized of new coins mining:
The coins mining is centralized and streamlined; it is being done on the supercomputers of company-emitter (the current capacity allows to mine 72 million of coins daily).

Presence of single company-emitter:
Crypptocurrecy OneCoin is managed by the strong company-emitter withs its clearly shaped marketing strategy and experienced management. This company has initially taken charge of all the organizational and technical nuances related to the mining of new coins

Huge pool of participants:
In OneCoin system is already more than 2.6 million of participants from 194 countries; according to company's forecast this number will increase to 10 million by the end of 2017.

Linking OneCoin account to UnionPay:
Payment and withdrawal possibilities using Chinese payment syattem unionPay are already in effect.

Presence of independent blockchain audit:
The actuality of mining is confirmed by the independent audit company

Presence of procedure "Know your Customer":
Every OneCoin account should be mandatory verified (the account owner provides to company-emitter scan-copy of his/her ID card and confirms its residence address). This  excludes the  possibility of anonymous transactions and will finally lead to predictable legalization of OneCoin cryptocurrency in all countries of the world (including USA, where there are the most strict laws in the sphere).

Theft or loss of  coins impossible:
the circulation of Onecoins is arranged in the closed system, whre nobody from outside can interfere. The system has a support team that will assist promptly in case of appearance of any problems with transactions.

Processsing capacity of blockchain is enormous:
blockchain of OneCoin is initially designed for rapid processing of a huge number of transactions- the achievement of a celing in the processing capacity is impossible  in the freeseeable future.

Update frequency of blockchain is 1 minute:
Such update rate will allow to comfortably use this cryptoocurrecy in traders environment

Follow the link to learn more and register to be financially free - HERE

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